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The Joy Of Music And Prayer

Gift Of Life

                                               GIFT OF LIFE
We all have a very precious gift -LIFE
It is precious because God gave it to us and no can make a loving, beautiful human, but God.
Some Life has physical or mental imperfections, but all of us have special gifts and talents.
There is beauty in every Life, and if Life is taken away, there is much sadness.
When one receives a gift, they are happy and enjoy it and want to give it the best of care.
New born Life needs Love and Care.
Young Life needs Love and Guidance.
Middle Life needs Love and Understanding.
Old Life again needs Love and Care.
God had given us this Life to love and care for and help other people.
Then we can all return to Him for eternal happiness.
(Copyright 2000)


(Updated 10/05/15)