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The Joy Of Music And Prayer

Our Five Senses

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                                    OUR FIVE SENSES
God has blessed all human beings with five senses.
1. SIGHT - Sight lets us recognize each other and enjoy all the beautiful colors.  Can you imagine a world in black or white or no color at all.
2. HEARING - Hearing lets us hear and learn from others.  We hear other  voices and sounds man made or in nature.  Can you imagine a world without sound, never to hear loved ones voices, music or sounds of nature. 
3. SMELL - Smell helps us to enjoy life and all the wonderful aromas as well as warning us of unsafe conditions.  Can you imagine a world without smell, never to enjoy the smell of your delicious dinner, flowers and plants around us.
4. TASTE - Taste helps us to select and enjoy food.  Can you imagine eating food without taste.
5. TOUCH - Touch helps us to learn about our world by feeling hot, cold, softness, hardness etc.  Can you imagine a  world without feeling the softness of a newborn baby.
Some of us were not born with all 5 senses or lost them along life's way.  If you have all of them, Thank God everyday and enjoy your wonderful gifts.
There is also another sense called Common Sense, which is good judgment, sound ordinary sense.  This is not a gift we were born with.  This is acquired as we grow up.  This is also a wonderful gift to have.  It will help to make good decisions in life.

Updated 01/15/10