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The Joy Of Music And Prayer


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A Song of Our Flag
by Wilbur D. Nesbit

Your Flag and my Flag!
And, oh, how much it holds -
Your land and my land -
Secure within its folds!
Your heart and my heart
Beat quicker at the sight;
Sun-kissed and wind-tossed,
Red and blue and white.
The one Flag - the great Flag - the Flag for me and you -
Glorified all else beside - the red and white and blue!

Your Flag and my Flag!
To every star and stripe
The drums beat as hearts beat
And fifers shrilly pipe!
Your Flag and my Flag -
A blessing in the sky;
Your hope and my hope -
It never hid a lie!
Home land and far land and half the world around,
Old Glory hears our glad salute and ripples to the sound!